Welcome to Pseudopolis

Pseudopolis is a plan for tackling the housing crisis, as a business.
August 19, 2018 (pseudopolis)

I have, effectively, a business idea. There are social motivations and interpretations, which I intend to write about down the line. However the clearest way to make my point is to start with “here is a plan to make money.”

Here is a plan to make money.

Cities are incredibly valuable. Traditionally, they are organic entities benefitting from massive network effects, but also invariably suffering from massive scalability problems.

Therefore I propose to construct a city which is immune to those scaling issues, to rapidly bootstrap it to the point where those network effects kick in, and then provide that city as a service, capable of outcompeting every other city on the planet for the world’s rent monies.

The working name for the city is Pseudopolis1, and that for the business entity that builds, maintains, and fully owns it is Pseudopolis Corp.

  1. The name Pseudopolis is borrowed from a fictional off-screen city in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.