An overview of the primary implementation challenges for Pseudopolis.
August 22, 2018 (pseudopolis)

The biggest challenge, by far, is bootstrapping the city. It’s a big deal to get lots of people to uproot and move, and it’s a bigger deal if you want them to be the first to move to the middle of nowhere.

Although daunting, that challenge is at least clear-cut. There are also a couple of aspects that are not yet completely clear.

The first is that while the basic model is that Pseudopolis Corp retains all property rights, in certain circumstances there may be a need for more complexity. For example, a manufacturing business may want to invest heavily into a special-purpose factory. In the rare case that the need arises to repurpose that land, how will that be resolved?

The second is regulatory. By adopting such an unusual mode of operation, Pseudopolis Corp could potentially become targeted by local government in a way that interferes with its operations.

However these concerns can likely be figured out, and they are by far secondary to getting Pseudopolis running in the first place.